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where Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam when Before March, 21st 2019

Big Ideas Competition RGAX 2019 We are looking for your innovative idea! #RGAXBigIdeas

It's back! The Big Ideas competition - aimed at uncovering ideas that will invigorate the life and health insurance and retirement industries – is now in its third year.

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¡We are looking for your innovative idea!

The Big Ideas competition is run by RGAX - the transformation engine of global reinsurer, RGA. We are looking for participants who have new ideas that can help solve challenges affecting today’s life and retirement markets.

Finalists will be invited to a final pitch day in Paris with an opportunity to gain business advice and a cash prize of 10.000€


- Must be 18 years of age or older
- Can be either individuals or companies/organizations
- Cannot be affiliated or work for an insurance or reinsurance company
- Can enter the competition regardless of their location
- Need to simply be able to explain the idea (e.g. development, prototype or test in progress is not required)

Send us your pitch deck

How the Big Ideas competition work:

Regístrate en el formulario

1. Enter your submission

Enter your submission information, within the registration form, below.

5 finalistas locales

2. 5 local finalists

The top 5 submissions from each country will be notified by RGAX and will be invited to pitch their idea in: Madrid 26th March, Berlin 27th March, Amsterdam 28th March, Milan 29th March (based on location.)

Evento local

3. Local event

A local judging panel will select 1 idea from each country - a total of 4 ideas - and will be invited to the final pitch day, where the ultimate winner will be selected.

Pitch Day final

4. Final Pitch Day

Finalists will have an all-expense-paid trip, including transportation and accommodations for 2 days/1 night in Paris, for the Final Pitch Day.

Premio 10.000€

5. 10.000€ Prize

The winner will receive a cash prize of 10.000€ from RGAX. Equity free & no objective compromises.

Mentoring & Business advice

6. Mentoring & business advice

Finalists will receive business advice as well as potential additional benefits, including mentoring support and access to the extensive networks of the judging panel.

Apply until 21st March!

send us your pitch deck

More about the Big Ideas competition

until 21st March


25th March

Selection by country

26th March
10 am-1 pm

Madrid Kickoff Event

Short Pitch Presentation from the 5 local selected ideas
27th March
10 am-1 pm

Berlin Kickoff Event

Short Pitch Presentation from the 5 local selected ideas
28th March
10 am-1 pm

Amsterdam Kickoff Event

Short Pitch Presentation from the 5 local selected ideas
29th March
10 am-1 pm

Milan Kickoff Event

Short Pitch Presentation from the 5 local selected ideas
25th April

Final Pitch Day in Paris

Pitch Presentation with a judging panel

The competition locations Where is the Big Ideas Competition held?

Last edition winners

Last Edition 2018


Charlie Regis

2017 Winner

Styliff Inc

Charlie Regis

Elina Naydenova

2018 Winner


Elina Naydenova

You can be the next

Who is the next one?



Deadline ended

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We are the transformation engine of RGA, one of the world's largest life and health reinsurance companies. We work in partnership with others to bring industry-evolving initiatives to market.
We are an investor in the life, health and retirement markets: to-date we have invested in various initiatives around the world, including the US, Europe, South Africa and Asia. We are always seeking new and unique opportunities.
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We believe that those working alongside our industry are full of great ideas to modernise our industry and deliver clear customer benefits. Through the Big Ideas competition, we will unlock these ideas, help bring them to market and build businesses together with first time and/or experienced entrepreneurs.
Anything with relevance to Life or Health insurance, or Retirement markets. These could be new products or services, new uses of technology or anything related that helps solve an existing problem. These ideas can be at any stage of development.
Anyone that is not directly working inside an insurance or reinsurance company. Maybe you work closely to the industry and have spotted a great opportunity to do something better. Or perhaps you're an academic or medical practitioner whose skills could be applied in a new field. Or, maybe you have a particular piece of technology (existing or still-to-be-created) that could unlock potential in relevant markets.
The deadline for entries is Thursday 21 March 2019
If you have any other questions please contact María Suardíaz, via: